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Salsa dancing is an upbeat, fun, and energetic dance! It is famous for its flashy turn patterns, fast spins, quick footwork, beautiful styling, and sexy body movements. Salsa music was popularized in New York in the 1970’s and originated in Cuba, containing Afro-Cuban rhythms. Salsa Song Example: Valio La Pena by Marc Anthony  
Salsa Dancing On 1 (L.A. Style)
L.A. Style, or Salsa On 1, is danced in a slot where the male lead steps forward on the first count as the lady steps backwards. Salsa On 1 is the easiest to learn and comes naturally to most beginners since most salsa songs have a strong beat on 1. This style emphasizes theatricality, lifts, and tricks. Examples of LA Style, Salsa On 1: Johnny Vasquez & Carolina Cerisola at the 2001 Mayan Salsa Competition Al Espinoza & Karla – Terminator Salsa Show  
Salsa Dancing On 2 (New York Style, Mambo)
New York Style Salsa, or Mambo, is danced in a slot where the male lead steps backward and the lady steps forward on the second beat of the music (On 2). Dancing Salsa On 2 is more in sync with the Clave instrument rhythm, also known as the “heartbeat of salsa.” This style emphasizes musicality, body movement, styling, and footwork shines. Examples of Mambo Dancing: Eddie Torres & Shani Talmor Santo Rico Dance Company

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